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Welcome to TestURBest - workshops for conquering test anxiety

TestURBest is a highly effective interactive workshop that gives students the skills to overcome test anxiety leading to better performance and results.

Presented by Judy Myers, ACSW, LCSW and Suzanne Butzko, MA, NCC, LPC, both psychotherapists specializing in student and family issues, the TestURBest workshop teaches proven skills to eliminate testing anxiety.

It is, of course, quite natural to be somewhat anxious about a test -- or about the little tests of life that come up every day. But severe test anxiety can paralyze even well-prepared students and cause them to do less well than they are capable of.

The good news is that most of the factors that contribute to test anxiety can be conquered using proven physical and psychological techniques that the leaders have taught to scores of individuals with great success. In a series of three 60 minute interactive sessions, students learn the causes and signs of anxiety and the simple, but powerful ways to replace anxiety with calm confidence.

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