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The Workshop

Workshop series begins the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30.

The Test UR Best Worskhop consists of three - 60 minute group sessions.

Session 1 Develops the concept of conquering test anxiety by identifying its stages and components. Developing an assessment of your own particular anxiety symptoms and behaviors which are then addressed directly in the course of the session.

Session 2 Reviews the external factors that contribute to test anxiety such as environment, diet and exercise.  These elements of anxiety, so often overlooked, can make a huge difference in reducing anxiety about tests.

Session 3 Teaches the skills that can be used in preparation for every test (and other anxiety-causing life events). 

  • Techniques, such as progressive relaxation, are not difficult to master or remember, but are effective because they are based on sound psychological and physical science.
  • Strategies for dealing with anxiety including simple do’s and don’ts and memorable tips for test taking that can help with time management and create a positive attitude.




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